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Welcome to the new Look Football Hotbed World!

Football Hotbed: It’s still FootballHotbed.com, it’s still free and it’s still wall to wall Youth Football Hotbed coverage and commentary. However, things will look a little bit different.

You’ll see one click social media sharing options on the left hand side of every story. We’d greatly appreciate it if you’d help spread the word about this site by using those tools. You’ll also notice a cleaner look and layout to the content pages. We’ve moved the resources to the forums and tried to include more white space and not fill every last pixel with ‘stuff’.  Our old content will be archived and easily located on the message boards (or will be shortly) and those items will still be searchable and indexed by the search engines.

FootballHotbed.com is also thrilled to be one of the founding websites in the XOFan.com Network, an exciting new (and free) way that sports fans across the nation will consume their favorite youth and collegiate team news and coverage.

This won’t be a network as you’ve come to know them. The sites who will be a part of XOFan will be independently owned and operated in most instances.  They will have some say as to the look and feel of the content portion of their website as well as hosting their own message board communities.  However, the independent publishers, through banding together in this lower case ‘n’ network, can combine their collective coverage muscle and make a much greater impact by working together.

Also, if you love collegiate recruiting, XOFan will have a team of recruiting writers who will be working on content; content that will be shared on the platform and team specific message boards throughout the nation.  All of it is 100% free, as well as a searchable recruiting database that will serve as an amazing content aggregator, bringing in free items from across the nation including articles, photos and videos.  The database will be released in the coming weeks.

For now, it’s the same FootballHotbed.com content you have come to expect and your ability to get that free has not changed. You’ll begin to see more and more sites and writers join in the fun and that content may be of interest to you as time goes by.

So sit back and enjoy the ride and remember, it’s a Hotbed World!


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