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Washington Park Bucs posing after a title.

Hotbed Exclusive with the Washington Park Buccaneers

(Hollywood, FL)–This is our first edition of the “Hotbed Exclusive” where we visit local parks in the area and show the world what’s going on in youth football in South Florida.  We arrived at Washington Park to take a look at the Buccaneers on their first day of practice.  They had a wonderful turnout on day one as a lot of kids are excited to be back on the football field.

We caught up with coach Tajon McCrea of the 80-pound NYFL champions.  He assured us that his 80 lb team will be making an impact on the Florida Youth Football League this year.

The 175 pound champs are looking really good as well, stay tuned for some coaches, and player interviews in our next exclusive look:


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