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Future Stars All-Star Games: FLORIDA VS GEORGIA

JACKSONVILLE, FL — The Future Stars Georgia vs Florida Game ended with Team Georgia winning the 6th and 7th grade games. Team Florida took home the trophy in the 8th grade game.  There was a plethora of talent displayed from both states.  Check out the highlights from each game below.  Only on Football Hotbed.


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  1. Hello Writers,
    My name is Coach Terry Hines of Myers middle School in Savannah , Georgia. I have an 8th Grade running back that has 45 rushes for 1, 006 yards/ 10 Touchdowns. His name is Daniel Jordan. I was hoping to get him consider for this game….his a type of kid, that deserves this type of honor. I know he could help the Georgia team to victory!!!!!

  2. Donavan Davelaar

    Hello Writers,
    My name is Donavan Davelaar from Southwest Middle school. I have been told I am an great player and i should apply for the game. One of my friends have told me about it recently. I’m in 7th grade I was the only 7th grader to start on Offense,Deffense,Kickoff,kickoff return,Punt and Punt return.I’m going in to *th grade this year comeing up in 2016. I whould really like you to come see my games during football & basketball season. I’m A & B student at Southwest Middle School. my football coach is Coach Wells.In football I play RB,CB,DE,FS,QB in Basketball i play PG,SG.I belive i can be a great part of the georgia team.

    Thank you

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