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Football Hotbed’s South Florida Youth Power Rankings

Welcome HotBed Nation we are happy to introduce South Florida 1st youth Football Power Rankings.  We will produce the most accurate list of top 100 power players  in every class bracket starting with class of 2023. That is today’s 3rd graders 8-9 year of age.  Players will be ranked based on their impact on the field no matter what position they may play if they dominate we will notice. this Ranking will consist of players in the 7 competitive leagues in South Florida: FYFL, SFYFL, Miami Pop Warner, AYFL, NYFL, Miami Xtreme, and BEST Youth League.

In order to develop the most accurate Rankings and to ensure we do not leave any stone un-turned. We will need help from the Hotbed Nation That means You if you are or know of a youth player that should be evaluated for Possible Ranking you can Email information and Film to  Us @ SFSF.lharris@Gmail.com. Just simply email us player information: Name, Age, Grade, school, Football Position, Youth Team, along with a Nomination message/brief athletic description (why this player should be Ranked), and link or attach any film or footage of athlete.

The Power Rankings will not end there on a week to week Basis during the season the top 20 players will fluctuate depending on weekly performance, we will put 100% effort into bringing south Florida the most interactive and accurate Youth Football Rankings in the country, at the conclusion of the season we will also host Awards for coaches and players who out performed their peers in a variety of different aspects of football.

And Be sure to check out our Locker room in/Forums to have your opinion heard  regarding youth football in south Florida. we want your feed back on player Rankings and coach rankings, we will be spot-lighting match ups, making predictions, and most of all exposing the Talent of sunny south Florida from coaching, to players, and yes the  cheerleaders and much much more!!



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  1. Lauderhill Broncos have one of the best 90lb 9u in south florida 7-0 on the season and one of the most electrifying running backs fun to watch trust me with 18 tds on the season. this week undefeated Lauderhill broncos vs liberty city warriors @Lauderhill sports complex…….

  2. I am affiliated with west pasco predators and we want to find film on our next opponent. Would like to speak with someone within your organization. My cell is 813 528-3667. Junior midgets

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