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2011 possessed one of the greatest rivalries in 6U football. The M.O.T Cowboys vs. The Woodland Acres Woolverines was an epic battle in 2011. Now they meet again in 2013 in the Hotbed Classic. Woodland Acres has “The Bus” AKA Neno Jones who is 145lb running back along with John Smith AKA J.D and Zae’Quan Lamar AKA “Roadkill”. This tandem of three pushed M.O.T in overtime in 2011. It was a unbelievable game, the M.O.T. Cowboys are represented by the following: Jordan Martin AKA “Timebomb”, Charron Dorsey AKA “The Stick Man”, Antonian Bivens AKA “T.O”, Jaykob Jones AKA “Jake The Snake” and Tyrek Williams AKA “T-Smoove” will be taking on the Woolverines of Woodland Acres. This game is brewing up to be one the best 8u games in Duval County. Wendall Duncan, President of Woodland Acres says: He wants blood from the M.O.t President, Ivory Durham. The stage is set and the ball is in play…in less than six days these two will meet up once again at 7pm on July 26th. The Woodland Acres Woolverines will show you why they want to be crowned champs. The M.O.T Cowboys will show you why they will STILL be champs, out east, the Rumble In The Jungle. M.O.T Cowboys vs. Woodland Acres Woolvervines in the Hotbed Classic. Brandon Odoi, Travis Thomas and I.D “The Mayor”….BE THERE!!!!

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  1. Ricky Rogers Jr

    Joining the woodland acres wolverines is Darnell Vereen who is arguably the fastest kid in 8u football coming from kooker park to make a name for himself in the unlimited weight leave?

  2. Woodland Acres 8u look real good. They’ve added players even one from out east darnell vereen who was dropping da hammer last year at kooker park.

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