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Atlanta’s MAYFL Falls From Grace As New Leagues Emerge

Georgia D 1The Metro Atlanta Youth Football League may have seen the last of it’s amazing days.  The days of Ben Hill Tigers vs. Welcome All Panthers (formerly the Red Hawks) are over it appears, at least in MAYFL.  A league that gained prominence after the progression that was the South Perimeter Youth Football League (SPYFL) then grew into the Southern Crescent Youth Football League and ultimately spawned MAYFL dubbed the ‘SEC of Youth Football’ is now on it’s knees.

League founder ‘Ace’ Carney joined Hotbed Radio two weeks ago and broke the news.

“We’ve got a lot of changes up here, we’ve got leagues that are growing and we’ve got leagues that are slowing down,” Carney said before dropping the bomb.

“My organization, and I’m the founder of the Metro Atlanta Youth Football League, will be taking the majority of it’s teams and putting them in the Georgia D1 League,” said Carney live on Hotbed Radio’s March 10th broadcast.  Listen to it live here.

Georgia D1 is a relatively new league (only in existence for one year) in the Northwest Georgia Youth Football League (Georgia D1) is the more competitive portion of the league.

The cause?

“The refusal to change,” said Carney.

Anytime you have a league that refuses to change, Carney said, you have the makings for a league that will be going backwards.  Welcome All, and Central Dekalb have already jumped from MAYFL to Georgia D1 the Atlanta Vikings are already there.

Carney wasn’t done breaking news.  He confirmed that the Atlanta Vikings, who are closely tied to Jamal Lewis the former Atlanta Falcon running back, are having some divisive moments right now.  There’s now a new program being started named the Georgia Civilbacks (the name we cannot confirm).

But games like the one below look to be over and done with as the new Georgia D1 League forms.  We’ll surely miss the days of the MAYFL.

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