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Hotbed Radio | March 10, 2014

Hotbed Radio got right to the chase on Monday night by inviting the biggest name in youth football right now, Freezy Prince, on the show to talk about the latest rage…the Florida Youth Football League. Yesterday the league announced that they added six teams from the city of Jacksonville. They call it “FYFL North.” The takeover is fully on and Prince is the mastermind.  He’s taking his IMG (((StrongArm))) music movement and applying the marketing and hustle mentality of the music promotion of one of the country’s biggest artists, the league’s namesake Flo Rida, to youth football.

“We’re just having fun doing it, that’s the difference.  Everybody’s taking it all serious but at the end of the day, we know what our community is missing and we’re just putting it in there,” said Prince on Monday’s Hotbed Radio show.

“If we’ve been blessed enough to spread it, we’re going to do it.  The people who want to ride with us, they ‘gon ride with us.  We do this and music, this ain’t no game for us.”

By the looks of things, Prince and FYFL are dead serious.  They’ve taken firm aim at South Florida youth football and have already caused one league to drown and are firmly attacking the heart of other leagues by attracting away their youth.  They are doing it, though innocently, by handing out stylish new uniforms, free of charge, great promotional t-shirts and other apparel that kids wear all over.

“We just want to make a real impact, we doing it.  We ain’t knocking everybody else.  We aint’ hating on what no other league is doing but they just not doing what we’re doing.”

And who else could do it?  It’s hip hop and football mixed together, what’s more electric?

Meanwhile, the Lauderhill Lions program in Broward County (South Florida) is looking elsewhere after they were denied entrance into the FYFL.

The Lions president, Sam Goodman, was the founder and president of the B.E.S.T. Youth Football League which was created in 2013 and lasted one year after a successful first year.  Though the embattled president was approached by his own board and coaches because the popularity of the FYFL was causing kids from the Lion program.  Goodman responded by saying he’d do what was best for his kids and supported an application to the FYFL.

While B.E.S.T. folded into the background, FYFL denied the Lions by a 10-4 vote (which was disputed by the league president but internet reports confirm) and now reports have Lauderhill applying to Pop Warner to join the South Florida chapter.

The FYFL did welcome six brand new teams into the league: Deerfield Pakcer-Rattlers, Lauderdale Lakes Vikings, East Boynton Wildcats, Dania Bears, Southwest Seminoles and the St. Lucie Saints.  All these new additions are from south Florida and combined with the FYFL Jacksonville teams, the league’s momentum is at an all time high.  Enjoy the show archive below:

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  1. In response to Lauderhill Lions being denied … Can anybody ,, I mean anybody give me a legitimate reason why they where not let in …. The program is one of the strongest in all of Broward County .. for Football and Cheerleading….. what did those other six programs have that Lauderhill didnt ? Its strange because as far as I know , Lauderhill is the first program to ever be denied entry !!!

  2. It was political Stebo. Goes back to the days of the South Florida Youth Football League.

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