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Preview: Hotbed Radio Tonight FYFL and Pompano, MOT Goes Flo and Grand Park Too?

Hotbed Radio tonight begins with a circle of controversy and excitement and it’s all over the great state of Florida concerning the league that has the entire Hotbed World a buzz, the Florida Youth Football League.  At issue is the impending dissolution of the B.E.S.T. Youth Football League in Broward County.  All of the teams who were members of the B.E.S.T. League are in the FYFL (aka Flo League) or have applied to gain admittance.  All except from the three teams from Pompano Beach (the Cowboys, Chiefs and Steelers).  What will happen to these teams?  No one knows, but we’ll discuss it tonight.

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What’s the big deal you ask?

Deante Hampton

Deante Hampton, will he go to MOT?

Well since the B.E.S.T. League no longer exists, how can these three teams who missed the application deadline for the Flo League go a season without a league to play in.  The Pompano teams tell Football Hotbed that they were unaware of the deadline.  The point out that FYFL president Martin Maltsby told teams privately that there was a March 3rd deadline but publicly stated on Hotbed Radio that the deadline for new teams entering the league was March 1st.  There’s something there and we’ll address it tonight on the show.

If that weren’t enough news, the town of Jacksonville is all in an uproar because of the state of football in that city.  Several prominent coaches have now pledged to leave their Pop Warner programs in Greater Jacksonville Pop Warner and head to the Flo League as “Flo North” participants.  FYFL welcomed the MOT Cowboys into the league formerly today on their Facebook Page and now several organizations have said in private Facebook Groups that they are interested in going to the FYFL in Jacksonville.  Those organizations are currently playing weighted football, the FYFL has a brand new, unrestricted weight format.

It will all shake down on Hotbed Radio tonight as we’ll get answers to the most important questions:

What will happen to the Pompano Teams in Broward County who the Flo-League has said can not apply for entrance?  Will the league wilt and allow them to come in or will they stick to their guns and force those teams (one national champion among them) to find another home?

Will Mike Lundy, Deante Hampton and Marcus Dixon (Tank Red) really join the MOT Cowboys as they have pledged to do on social media, or is it just a ploy to shake up Jacksonville even more and aggravate the Pop Warner brass who have been so restrictive in previous seasons.

Is coach Stinson serious, will Grand Park really go unlimited and leave Pop Warner in Jacksonville?  Better yet, would they join the Flo-League?

Coach Rich

Coach Rich is building a dynasty at Carol City


How will Flo’s new Carol City team shake out?  There are great uniforms and great coaches being lined up, but will the results show on teh field?

We’ll discuss all this and more on Hotbed Radio tonight.

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