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Snoop Leaves the SYFL, What Now?

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Two weeks ago on the Hotbed Radio Show, King Digga, reported that Snoop Dogg (Calvin Broadus Jr.)  would leave the Snoop Youth Football League to spend more time with his son Calvin who is a top rated 2015 recruit at the wide receiver position.  Calvin will be playing football in Las Vegas for renown Bishop Gorman High School.  With his teenage son four hours away, it appears that Snoop is stepping away from the notorious youth league he’s built in Southern California in favor of being there for his family.

That does raise the question, however, what is the future of the league in his absence?

Sources close to the situation tell Football Hotbed that on the music side of things, Snoop has made some changes in his leadership as he travels on tour, does production work and many of those similar names were big figures in the SYFL.  Now that those roles have been changed over, the future of the league is uncertain.

Not to mention the fact that the SYFL was popular in many ways because of the attraction of playing in a league that featured a notorious hip hop star who frequented games and even coached the Diamond Valley 10U squad in 2013.  Now that the allure of facing Snoop or even just being in the same league as him is gone, will the league still be attractive in a growing landscape of youth football in the Southern California area?  Only time will tell.

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