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Who is Nunu aka Beast Mode? He’s a kid who is very passionate about god, family, school & football. He’s quite a great kid & is very serious about school & football. He’s a AB Honor Roll student & he has been since he started school. This is a kid that’s not a follower but a leader in everything he does. He’s self motivated and as his parents has taught him to be the best at everything he does on & off the field. His father Kenny trained Nunu in the back yard grooming him to perfection to be the best on the field. The reason Nunu is very talented & skilled in football, is because of determination & will power to not be defeated. He goes hard and gives 100% in everything he does whether its working out at home or playing football. If anybody has ever watched him run the ball, then you’ll know he’s one powerful running back. Nunu has always been known for his powerful running and is known for cutting on the dime & breaking all kind of tackles never allowing 1 man to take him down. Nunu is described to be short, compact, ripped, & very powerful. I will say he might be one of the smallest but strongest lil dudes on the field & that comes from HEART. He is a monster and a beast on the football field. I think Nunu is one of the best middle line backer in popwarner at his level hands down. He averages 15 or more tackles. His football IQ is above normal, i have asked coaches that have seen him play and they will tell you the same thing. Nunu is a kid that you place in any position anywhere on the field & he’ll be the best in that position with no complaints at all. That’s what you call HEART & that’s one thing that can’t be taught . Nunu is passionate about football & loves everything about it & prays to go to college & play for the Florida Gators & make it to the NFL one day. With his parents standing behind him & pushing him towards his goals, every step of the way.

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