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Future Stars 2020 Game: First Half Summary

DSC_0609Bradenton, FL– Both teams from Florida and Georgia came out of the gate fired up to play, but when the emotion settled in the first half of the Future Stars Florida vs. Georgia game, Team Florida’s 6th grade class of 2020 team was able to win the early field position battle and take a 3-0 lead into the half.

Florida moved the ball down the field after a great interception by Willie Floyd Jr, better known in South Florida as Palamalu, and seemingly punched the ball in for a score but the play was called back on a penalty.  Team Georgia is just too big on the defensive line for Florida, so their offensive coaches spread the lines out equally on the boundry and field hash marks leaving only the center, quarterback and a running back in the middle of the field closest to the ball.

They ran three successful plays for positive yardage before Georgia figured out how to stop the formation.  But they only came away with three points on a 21-yard field goal.

Georgia came out of the gate early with early success in the running game as they appeared to be resigned to pound Florida away on the ground game.  However, they didn’t stick with the run.  That’s probably because they have one of the top 2020 quarterback prospects in Aaron Mclaughlin under center.  Mclaughlin, the talented passer, struggled to stay comfortable in the pocket with the speed rush from the Florida defensive line and linebacking corps.

The second half promises to be a great one.

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