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Treasure Coast 11U (Bantam)

2014 Brevard County Youth Football (BCYFCA) Gets Rolling

Rockledge 10U (Pee wees)

Rockledge 10U (Pee wees)


Tae Tae Farmer (West Melbourne)


Treasure Coast 11U (Bantam)

Treasure Coast 11U (Bantam)

BCYFCA 2014 Pre season Report

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Its that time of year again across the nation and especially Brevard County. BCYFCA (Brevard County Youth Football and Cheerleading Association) is comprised of 12 very competive Organizations, with a estimated 2800 Athletes playing as far South as Treasure Coast (Port St. Lucie) and as far North as Titusville. In this pre-seaon article, I will highlight several teams that feel they will have immediate impact for the highly anticipated Superbowl which will be played at Satellite Beach High School November 15th 2014. BCYFCA.org for more history on our organization.

Rockledge Raiders Rookie division (8U) Coach Shannon Washington
Short over view of your teams goals for the 2014 season
A. Each player will learn the Lord’s Prayer, B. each player to stay healthy throughout the season, C. each player to learn life lessons from situations that will come by way of practice and/or games that will be pointed out to them by the coaching staff, D. each player will learn different techniques, abilities, and situations about the game E. Win the Super Bowl!
Name top players for your team
CJ Sloan, CJ Jones, DJ Scott, DJ McCormick, JJ Silzerbahn, Chris Dease, Josh Brown, Damari Elliot, Jalen Pitts, Shelley (can’t call last name at this time), Spud Hawkins, Jaquez Reid, Chavez Thompson, Ashton Davis, Jaden (can’t call last name right now)
West Melbourne Football (Outlaws) 10U Coach Harold Dorgeloh

Name top players for your team

We do not have any top players, we are a team; we are only as strong as our weakest link. No man is more than the other.
Choose a game that you have circled on your calendar and why?
I feel that Rockledge is always the best game of the year. They have great teams and are well coached. I like the camaraderie we have with their coaches. They are the BEST in the North.
Explain why you coach this great game
I love the competition, getting to know new people, making a difference in the peoples’ lives, and the camaraderie of other coaches.
Name other players on other teams that have you concerned.
 I do not see anybody, but us. As long as we are okay, everything else will take care of itself.
Treasure Coast Bantam (11U) Coach Kevin Davis 
The goals we set for our team this year is to not only to win the Superbowl again but to win the conference.
I am very excited about this years team. We have a great team this year we returned the majority of our 2013 Superbowl team. We added some pieces as well  taking our roster from 19 to 24. We add some key players at positions that I felt need improvement. Our offense is lead by our QB Jayson Gilliom who has explosive speed a great arm and a high football IQ. The OL is anchored by Keegan Davis at left tackle. He is big ,strong and athletic and is one our leaders of the team. This years defense is one of the best defenses I have ever coached in my 16 years of coaching. We have named it death row. We have a great DL that is going to give every team we play fits. They are so fast and athletic coaches will have to game plan on how to block them. We also have a great group of LB’s lead by Christian Smith,Aaron Hernandez and River Wozar. Our special teams look good as well we have a good kicker in Devon Darling that has a great leg and will consistently put our defense in great field position
Sebastian Sharks 
Organization Goals
Our goals are to have a successful and fun season for all age groups.  We would like to send more teams to the playoffs (last year we had 4 out of 7 teams go to the playoffs) and have one or more age groups competing for the Superbowl.
Explain Why You coach this Great game

Personally, I coach youth football to mold young boys into successful young men. There are so many life lessons that can be learned from the game of football.

It is so exciting to see the light come on in one of your players. If we can build respect, discipline, and sportsmanship into everything we do we have done some good for these players.
Rockledge Raiders Pee wees (10U) Head Coach Alex Goins
Team Goals
This is the 3rd year that I have coached this team and we are 31-2, so we have set a standard for ourselves that is very high. As always our goal is to develop young men and  win the Superbowl anything else is a failure.
We accomplished that last year and we hope we can build upon that and continue to be successful.
Even though all games are important we have one game that has our interest and thats West Melbourne, they are well coached and I know they will be pumped for the game as well.  We are looking forward to a great season in 2014. One team.. One goal … One heart beats. .Humble is the way!!!

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