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(BCYFCA) After a week of rain Week 4 Games Of The Week are set to kickoff off

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TRADITIONAL rivalries will control Saturday……

Due to weather all games for September 27th were rescheduled by a unanimous vote for Saturday October 4th…

BCYFCA Week 4 Game(s) of the week

1.  West Melbourne vs Rockledge Raiders @ Rockledge Park 960 Cogswell Street Rockledge, FL 1st game starts 8am The two most consistent power houses of BCYFCA clash on Saturday October 4th for the much anticipated showdown. Personally, I cant recall since the 1980’s, where at least one team from both programs wasn’t in the Superbowl. Discipline and speed will be the two things that will control the day. Rockledge/West Melbourne have Coaches that have Coaching in the league for 10 yrs or more (Jack Pinella (WM), Harold Dorgeloh (WM), Tony Brown (Rock), Alex Goins (Rock), John Turner (WM) so there are going to be well coached teams on the field. If you want to see some good ole Country boy Florida football, please make yourself available for these two Gladiators.

Games to watch

Jr. Rookie 7U #3 West Melbourne (3-0) vs #4 Rockledge (2-1)

Rookie 8U #1 Rockledge (3-0) vs #3 West Melbourne(3-0)

Mighty Mite 9U #1 West Melbourne (3-0) vs Rockledge (0-3)

Pee Wee 10U #1 Rockledge (3-0) vs #2 West Melbourne (2-0)

Bantam 11U #2 West Melbourne (3-0) vs # Rockledge (2-1)

Juniors 12U # 2 West Melbourne (3-0) vs #3 Rockledge (2-1)

Seniors 14U #1 Rockledge (3-0) vs #2 West Melbourne (3-0)


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2. Melbourne vs Palm bay @ Melbourne……. Two tradition filled teams in the BCYFCA that have plenty of speed and some heavy hitting… …  Back Yard Brawl…

Game to watch Seniors

14U #4 Melbourne (3-0) vs #5 Palm Bay (2-1)


treasure coast pictitusville terriers

3. Treasure Coast vs. Titusville @ Titusville.. .. Treasure Coast in their Sophomore season has been basically sweeping every park that it has faced. They have a organization record of 20-1. Can Titusville with their speed, slow down Treasure coast and their power?

Games to watch

Jr. Rookie 7U #1 Titusville (3-0)vs. #2 Treasure Coast (3-0)

Rookie 8U #2 Treasure Coast (3-0) vs. #4 Titusville (2-1)

Mighty Mite # 2 treasure Coast (3-00) vs #3 Titusville (3-0)



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