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BCYFCA Week 8 Power Rankings


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Week 7 was full of surprises … Sebastian Seniors Shocked Palm bay at home.. In the Bantam Division, Suntree/Viera Knocked off the previously undefeated Melbourne Bulldawgs and Merritt island Mustangs had a running clock against the Rockledge Raiders in the Junior Divison. With that being said here are your week 8 Top 5 rankings…. PSA.. The Score board dictates the rankings…

7U Jr. Rookie

1. Treasure Coast 2. Rockledge

3. Suntree/Viera

4. West Melbourne  5.Palm Bay

8U Rookie

1. Rockledge 2.Titusville 3. Treasure Coast

4. Palm Bay  5. Merritt Island

9U Mighty Mite

1. West Melbourne 2.  Sebastian

3. Suntree/Viera  4. Titusville 5.Treasure Coast

10U Pee wee

1. Rockledge 2. Palm Bay  3. West Melbourne

4. Titusville  5. Treasure Coast

11U Bantam

1. Treasure Coast 2. Suntree/Viera

3.  West Melbourne 4. Melbourne

5.  Sebastian

12U Juniors 1. Suntree/Viera 2. Treasure Coast 3. West Melbourne

4. Merritt Island  5. Sebastian

14U Seniors 1. Rockledge 2. West melbourne 3. Treasure Coast

4. Sebastian 5. Palm Bay

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  1. looking forward to meeting you at the SUPER BOWL#suntree/viera

  2. which division do you feel will make it to superbowl

  3. bantams and juniors maybe even junior rookies and mighty mites…#staytuned

  4. Don’t think it was much of a surprise SV bantams beat Mel. That team has never lost to Mel. I predict Bantams have running clock agains rest of opponents until Super Bowl!

  5. I’m kinda sure S/V may be the one being underestimated. The Bantam team is loaded with talent as well as the Juniors. I predict 4 S/V teams in the Superbowl. JMO

  6. As predicted Suntree-Viera proved they are North conference Champs and will continue to roll like a runaway train. The only game that surprised me was the JR team but I guarantee they will survive their 2 point loss and blister the next 2 teams they play .

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