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2014 BCYFCA Superbowl Matchups

Suntree Bantam North County Champs

Suntree/Viera Bantam North County Champs

After another exciting weekend in BCYFCA football. The teams are finally set for superbowl 2014. There were some very exciting games especially in the south division in Round 2 action. Palm Bay Rookies upset Treasure coast , West Melbourne Upset previously undefeated Treasure coast in the Bantam Division, Treasure Coast knocks off South Division Champion West Melbourne in the Pee Wee Division and Palm Bay avenges a regular loss to Sebastian in the Senior Division. Its hard to beat a good team twice. Congrats to Suntree/Viera for making a huge statement by have 4 teams in the superbowl, tied with Rockledge the most teams in the Bowl. Congrats to Palm Bay, West Melbourne and Treasure Coast for your hard work. Hopefully all the superbowl will be taped live and live streamed so stay tuned for the link so that all the games could be seen world wide. Please view the schedule below for location and times for all superbowl games……..
Stay tuned for video interviews from Coaches throughout the week…..
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North Conference • Visitor Division South Conference • Home
Rockledge Raiders
8:00 a.m.
Palm Bay Pirates
Suntree/Viera Lightning
Jr. Rookie
9:00 a.m.
Treasure Coast Renegades
Rockledge Raiders
10:30 a.m.
Palm Bay Pirates
Suntree/Viera Lightning
12:15 p.m.
West Melbourne Mustangs
Rockledge Raiders
Pee Wee
2:00 p.m.
Treasure Coast Renegades
Suntree/Viera Lightning
4:00 p.m.
West Melbourne Broncos
Suntree/Viera Lightning
6:00 p.m.
West Melbourne Colts
Rockledge Raiders
8:00 p.m.
Palm Bay Pirates








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  1. I’m assuming Suntree/Viera will be the underdog…

  2. and who said that? you can use it for motivation tho lol… Go lightning

  3. thank you…hotbed forever!#Suntree/Viera

  4. Are the games streaming? Can’t find it anywhere…

  5. That’s Horrible!! I was so looking forward to routing the Lighting on! I wanted to see my nephew play. Sorely disappointed that money comes first even in youth football.

    • Football Hotbed News

      Please share your displeasure with the BCYFCA president. It was his call. Football Hotbed was ready to broadcast the games.

      • What a horrible decision by the league. To allow one league to profit is ludicrous. Is everything about money. I know I made plans for my sons grandparents to watch him play on the internet since they live in South Florida. They even planned on coming up but I told them not too since we would be down for Thanksgiving. No chance I will buy a DVD from South Beach. BAD DECISION. By the way I did send an email to the league expressing my disapproval with that decision.

        • Get more people to email the president he must know that these kids deserve exposure

          • Got a response from the president stating that the person who had the opportunity to broadcast it declined due to not being able to make money off of it. He also said that they have no control over the host leagues fundraising activities.

  6. He is correct… the guy pays for his own domain. . His own hosting link and videos from 8am -11pm he should be compensated by bcyfca or allow him to sell the dvds….. he asked for no money just dvds sales which pays for his time…. I feel 6000 views of our babies are worth it

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