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BCYFCA playoffs Round #2 “Win or Go Home”



BCYFCA Round #2 playoff times and brackets are set. … There’s no more excuses, its either win or go home. If you make it to the second Round your team is good so their are no more fluke games and blow outs.  Big shout out to all the coaches that dedicate their time for free to develop these young men.

Now with that being said all second round games are highlight games, but theirs a few I know the football God’s will be very pleased with. And again these are my opinions on the top games for round 2, more than likely you may not feel the same.

#1 Treasure Coast Renegades 11U Bantam

    #1 Treasure Coast Renegades 11U Bantam



West melbourne Youth Football

West melbourne Youth Football

1. Bantam 11U #1 Treasure Coast (8-0) vs #2 West Melbourne (7-1)… This game ended with a score of 7-6 Treasure coast win in double overtime in the regular season.  Listen if you are in the Treasure Coast area (John Carroll high School 3405 Delaware Ave, Fort Pierce, FL 34947) @ 4pm .. Bring your popcorn this will be the most exciting game of the day.. This game features two of the most dominant 11u RB in the state of FLA #21 Mr. Christian and #33 Mr. Farmer…


Raidersmtransparent_edited-                 Titusville Terriers

2. Rookie 8U #1 Rockledge (8-0) vs #2 Titusville (8-1) @ Rockledge.. I really don’t have to say much but one word describes this game *Speed… Both teams have dominant defenses but Rockledge only gave up 6 points on a kickoff return earlier in the season. Titusville will come in with a chip on their shoulder and will try to upset the undefeated raiders..

3. Pee Wee  10U #3 West Melbourne vs #2 Treasure Coast .. In week 6 WM beat TC 20-18 in a great game.. Can TC slow down #7 Mr. Durant ? The theme of this game is Power running game.

ss 2014 pink  palm ba y 1

4. Seniors 14U #3 Palm bay vs #4 Sebastian @ Sebastian .. Palm Bay is coming off a big upset against West Melbourne and Sebastian avenged its Early season loss to TC. .. So both of these teams have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Get ready for a knocked down drag out football battle.

Feel free to comment and give predictions for other round 2 games…

North Conference
Division Time Visitor Home Location
Jr. Rookie 9:00 am Rockledge Suntree/Viera Suntree/Viera
Rookie 1:00 pm Titusville Rockledge Rockledge
Mighty-Mite 11:00 am Titusville Suntree/Viera Suntree/Viera
Pee Wee 3:00 pm Titusville Rockledge Rockledge
Bantam 1:00 pm Melbourne Suntree/Viera Suntree/Viera
Junior 3:00 pm Merritt Island Suntree/Viera Suntree/Viera
Senior 5:00 pm Melbourne Rockledge Rockledge
South Conference
Division Time Visitor Home Location
Jr. Rookie 12:00 pm Palm Bay Treasure Coast Treasure Coast
Rookie 2:00 pm Palm Bay Treasure Coast Treasure Coast
Mighty-Mite 9:00 am Treasure Coast West Melbourne West Melbourne
Pee Wee 11:00 am Treasure Coast West Melbourne West Melbourne
Bantam 4:00 pm West Melbourne Treasure Coast Treasure Coast
Junior 6:00 pm West Melbourne Treasure Coast Treasure Coast
Senior 5:00 pm Palm Bay Sebastian Sebastian

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  1. sometimes its what you don’t say….MOTIVATION#lightning

  2. bantam and Junior games will be blowouts. but the jr rookie game is a toss up..

  3. that’s a mean line…Vegas would be proud!

  4. lolol its just facts bro… #10 and #2 mr. bryce unstoppable

  5. All my predictions stay the same. S/V lightning will have 4 teams in the “Super Bowl”. These 4 teams have talent, speed and heart!!! Gonna be some surprised people at the Super Bowl . After the 4 second round wins by S/V I’ll make my prediction for how many BIG trophies come to S/V.

  6. well Mr. Goins its obvious who’s following your page….#suntree/vieraLIGHTNING

  7. Can’t believe this blog didn’t mention Rockledge PW giving up first points of the year last weekend!

  8. It will be a great game this Saturday Rock vs Suntree/Viera. You will see S/V victorious. 12-6 game regardless.

  9. My next prediction…………….West Melbourne Bantams put Treasure Coast in their place. WM by 12. Defensively West Melbourne has TC’s number. Farmer is gonna bust it on them and the team will rally.

  10. congrats sv on making the superbowl in the jr rookies division

  11. Them SharKS got smashed…..PB Seniors in the champlonship playing on another level right now. Pirates had 8 points scored on them in the playoffs playing against good teams (WM and Seb) will be a great game Sat night

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