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Over 100 teams from across the country competed in the UYFL 2014 Run for the Rings. The winning every kid received a ring and a jacket the head coach received a helmet and a trophy. Congratulations to the winners listed below.

Division Champion | Runner Up | 3rd Place | 4th Place

Mighty Mite Plant City Dolphins | Homewood Floosmoor Jr Vikings | Scottsdale Firebirds | Staten Island Hurricanes

Cadet GC Cowboys | Highland Warhawks | Olney Eagles | Bay Area Eagles

Jr Pee Wee Div I Tri City Chargers | Mt Vernon Razorbacks | Staten Island Hurricanes | GC Cowboys

Jr Pee Wee Div II Beast Elite Ducks | Addison Cowboys | Homewood Floosmoor Jr Vikings | Bristol Wardogs

Pee Wee Div I Staten Island Hurricanes | Beast Elite Ducks | Naperville Patriots | Tri City Chargers

Pee Wee Div II Eastway Ducks | Buffalo Steelers | Wildwood Seminoles | Bustleton Bengels

Jr Midget Div I Bustleton Bengels | Brooklyn Renegades | Staten Island Hurricanes | GC Cowboys

Jr Midget Div II Scottsdale Firebirds | Bristol Wardogs | Roc City Lions | Leyden Bears

8U MOT Cowboys | Bradford Tornadoes | GC Cowboys | Gastonia Huskies

10U Detroit Spartans | Tampa Ravens | Hard Knock Steelers  | Staten Island Hurricanes

12U Oak Leaf Black Knights | Naperville Patriots | College Ready Academy | Round Rock Outlaws

14U Maryland Seahawks | Flagler Wolfpack | Detroit Spartans | Staten Island Hurricanes

14U All Star Blue Chip Allstars | Plant City Allstars | Chicagoland Allstars | Florida Knightdogs

15U Bristol Wardogs | Lakeland Storm | Northeast Rattlers | East Meck Panthers

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