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Multiple Championship Winning Robert Jones Leaves Pop Warner for FYFL

Multiple National Championship Winning Pop Warner Coach Leaves for FYFL in South Florida

Miami Gardens, Fla. —The Miami Gardens Ravens are having a field day, literally.  On this March 17, 2015 (St. Patrick’s Day) the Ravens have to be considered one of the luckiest youth football organizations around.  That’s because they have announced the acquisition of two championship caliber coaches from Pop Warner, the most recent of which is Robert Jones from the Liberty City Warriors who will coach this season on the Ravens 10U staff.  Rob Jones 3

Earlier today, Football Hotbed broke the news that former Liberty City Warrior and Gwen Cherry Bull Pop Warner coach Joe Narcisse would also head to the Ravens in the Florida Youth Football League to coach the 12U team.

Now, securing Jones’ services implants another championship caliber coach in the most popular league in South Florida and its most winning program in the Ravens who put six teams in the league championships in 2014.   Rob Jones

“It’s true man…Coach Rob officially apart of the Goon squad,’ Jones said when Football Hotbed reached him by phone Tuesday afternoon after Generation Nexxt broke the story about the move citing Ravens commissioner Rod Mack.

“They’re a great group of kids [the rising 10u team known by their nickname, the Good Squad] but I’m going to definitely show them how to show them how to play ‘Coach Rob Football.”

When pressed, Jones insisted that his brand of football is winning big and winning consecutively.   He should know, he won two back to back Pop Warner national championships and has been to the Pop Warner Super Bowl every year since 2009 and has not lost a game in Miami-Dade or Broward County in the past seven years.

Because of his overwhelming success in Pop Warner as a national brand of youth football, Jones said it was just time for a change.

“Pop Warner really has nothing else to offer. I just wanted to entertian something else. When you’re doing something for so long, conquered it for so long, I kind of lost my edge. I’ve done eveything, I know what the outcome is. I want to do something new,” Jones said.

Admittedly, he admired the FYFL from afar, even while coaching in another league.

“I always wanted to be a part of it, but I was also a member of the Pop Warner family. I aways stood back and always wanted to be apart of it.  I just wanted to try a new venture.”

I’m coming to the Flo league to rock the boat man, I’m not just coming just to play.

Jones and Narcisse are two incredible coaching talents and were both lured to Miami Gardens by another coaching great, Ravens commissioner Rod Mack (a former University of Miami Hurricane linebacker).  Jones spoke of his admiration for Mack and admitted that he was the last coach to beat him in South Florida, going all the way back to 2008.

“With me and Rod Mack, it’s real personal. He is the last coach that beat me in [Miami]-Dade county, for the record. Now, I get to get on him everyday in practice. I get to show him how much I have grown.”

Jones will run the offense for the Good Squad as Mack serves as head coach and also defensive coordinator.

“I always wanted to get a chance to get back at him but at the same time, I always wanted a chance to coach with him.”Rob Jones 2

Immediately Jones began thinking of the great tandems of all time.

“Batman and Robin, Kobe and Shaq…,” he said while laughing.

“Me and Rod Mack finna cause some problems and I’m not just talking about this year,” Jones warned.

Surely this level of coaching talent has raised the bar in the race for the 2015 10U crown.  With Washington Park playing a tightly contested Super Bowl with the Ravens, the Ravens who were amazing on defense seemingly have resolved to pick up some offensive fire power.  Jones is just the man for the job.

“I’m coming to the Flo league to rock the boat man, I’m not just coming just to play.”

Jones made specific mention of the perception in FYFL that Pop Warner coaches aren’t talented.

“They have this negative perception (about Pop Warner coaches)…I showed them last year, I still got it.”

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