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Sloan Henry

Drew Phillips on 2019 Invitational QBs

Ft. Lauderdale, FL–The time is quickly approaching for the most exciting Middle School QB event in the country to launch.  It’s the first ever, National Middle School QB Invitational Showcase hosted by Football Hotbed, the nation’s leading multi-media platform for youth football.  Partnering with Football Hotbed in this exciting competition is Drew Phillips, QB guru and founder of the Phillips QB Academy in Clearwater, FL.

Coach Phillips spent the entire winter scouting quarterbacks and he’s made his invitations after carefully selecting the best talent in each class.  Here are his thoughts on the 2019 confirmed attendees:

Drew Phillips wrote–

Jake Annand – Extremely well respected in the Tampa Bay area, Jake Annand brings a unique playing style to every game; he can beat you with his feet and his arm. His biggest upside is the way he runs the ball; he keeps defenders off-balance by having the ability to run around and through defenders. Jake will bring a hard work ethic, and a competitive attitude to the showcase.

Carson Collins – Carson comes from Allen, Texas, where he represented the FBU Dallas football team, and is ranked in the top 5 on the QB hit list 2019 QB’s to watch. One of the most impressive things about Carson is he doesn’t turn the ball over; he only had one interception last season. His game is also well balanced tallying 16 passing TD’s and 9 rushing. Carson can just about do it all.

Marco LoPesio – Marco enters the National QB Showcase as one of the top QB’s in the state of Minnesota. Recently, he moved to Arizona, and is now one of the top young player’s in that state. Marco displays extreme accuracy on all of his passes, and does an excellent job of keeping plays alive by moving around in the pocket.

Griffin Helm – Griffin football hotbed 2015 8th grade All-American, and a two-time member of Florida’s future stars team. Griffin is your prototypical athlete. He can beat you in a number of different ways. If you shut down the passing game, he will beat you with his feet, and vice-versa. Griffin is a competitor in everything he does, and I expect more of the same at the showcase.

Brenden Mehl – Brenden recently won the award of top underclassmen at the NUC combine in Texas for an 8th grade player. He has good arm strength, great accuracy, and can be featured in a number of different style offenses. Brenden continuously is working on his game, and comes in with a chip on his shoulder. He enters with one goal, winning the showcase so he can claim the title of best QB.

Andy Roberts – A football hotbed 2015 8th grade All-American, Andy Robert’s back ground is full of winning. His middle school team went 8-0 this past year, and beat every team by 35 + points. More impressively, Andy had 0 turnovers last year and was the back-up for the eventual 2A State runner-up last year in Florida. Andy can beat you with his legs, and his arm and brings has a relentless work ethic with him.

Nik Scalzo – Nik is a two-time FBU national champion, and when you put on his tape you can see why. Nik can throw any pass; a quality rare to find at such a young age. If you are looking for numbers Nik has them. Passing for over 3,000 yards and rushing for another 400, add on 40 passing and 10 rushing touchdowns, and Nik Scalzo is very accomplished for such a young ball player.

Lawrence Grimes – From Pinellas County, Lawrence Grimes is one of the smoother QB’s I had the chance to watch on film. He is very accurate when it comes to passing the ball, and has good control of what is going on around him. He is also very good at throwing on the run. He seems to have a knack for placing the ball in the appropriate spot and just the right time. I am interested to see how Lawrence stacks up come May 1

Shane Steinlauf – Shane is one of the top young Quarterback’s coming out of the Northeast, being named a youth sports online All-American. On film, Shane has some of the best footwork, and hips I have seen for a player his age. You can tell he has been really well trained. Shane also has fantastic technique, and is very accurate down the field. All qualities you look for in a good pro-style QB.

Peyton Brown – Coming from the Midwest, Peyton Brown brings an old school flare to our showcase. Peyton comes from a pro-style offense, of which you rarely see any more in this age of youth sports. Because of this Peyton has some excellent feet. He takes his drops as good as anyone I have seen. He also has excellent timing, all of his throws time up and come out on time. I expect Peyton to be very rhythmic and in tune at the showcase.  

Kyle Terry – One of the best up-and-comers out of the state of Georgia, Kyle is the #1 ranked QB on the QB Hit List 2019 class to watch. Looking at his film, you can tell Kyle is advanced; he does an excellent job of moving the safeties with his eyes, and you can see him go through his progressions on the field. These qualities are tough to find in kids his age. I expect bug things from Kyle as he enters the showcase.

Curt Casteel – If you are looking for names around south Florida, Curt Casteel will be on that list. Curt competed in the Nike Sparq event as an 8th grader, and put up some solid numbers. Curt has very good awareness; he can move around or escape the pocket based on what is coming at him. Also, Curt locates his deep throws with impressive precision each and every time.

Sloan Henry – At 6’2 195, Sloan Henry is a physical specimen for an 8th grader. Watching Sloan’s film there are many things to like, but two in particular are evident. First, his arm strength is apparent; the ball flies out of his hand. More impressively, is his accuracy and power on the throws from the hash marks to the sidelines. Those throws can be the most difficult to make, and Sloan can deliver them with ease.

Sloan Henry

Sloan Henry

Gavin Gray – Gavin comes to the showcase from Calhoun, Georgia, where he will be expected to take over one of the best high school programs in the state, Calhoun High School. Gavin is a field general; he is in complete control of everything. He make quick reads, which helps get the ball out of his hand, and he can dissect any defense that comes his way. Gavin comes from a winning program, and I expect him to bring that mentality to the showcase.

Hunter Martindale – If you are looking for one of the most storied high school football teams’ in the nation you go no further than Southlake in Texas. That’s where Hunter calls home. If you are going to in that city, you better be good, and Hunter is just that. He has some of the best footwork for a kid his age. His awareness in reading defenses is very high, as well as, his presence within the pocket.

Spencer Rattler – At 6’0 150 pounds, Spencer brings excellent size into his freshman year of high school next year. Spencer has had some eye popping state playing in Arizona, throwing for over 4,600 yards and having a touchdown to INT ration of 25-to-1. However, of all the stats the one that will make you glance twice is his completion percentage, which stands at 85%. There is no question Spencer has to tools to be very successful.

Bradyn Bytheway – From Florida’s east coast, Bradyn brings a dynamic style and mentality to the showcase. Put on Bradyn’s film, and you can see he is called upon to do it all. He runs the ball with good speed, and authority, and he throws the deep ball with consistency and accuracy. I expect the same competitive mentality from Bradyn come May 1.

Adam Cecere – From Pennsylvania, Adam stands as 6’3, 200 as he gets ready to compete in high school next season; he has a great frame to grow on. Adam is your prototypical pro-style passer. He comes from an offense that shows multiple, balanced looks; a little from shotgun and a little from under-center. It is evident Adam is in complete control of his team and offense. He demonstrates great leadership skills and throws the ball with authority and confidence.

Brian Mauer – An unknown from Central Florida, Brian Mauer comes to the showcase from Ocala ready to prove he can play with the big boys. Brian is extremely fluid when it comes to playing the Quarterback position; being elusive in the running game, and consistent in the passing game. He can make all the throws it takes to play the position, and is very good at selling the fake in the play action game.

Jayden Boereo – Highly regarded in the state of Wisconsin Jayden comes into the showcase wanting to be the best. He does all the little things you need to be successful at the position. Jayden throws the ball very well, and has fluid technique. He also, is deceptively quick. When he gets going in the open field, it is tough to bring him down because of his speed, and physicality.

Michael Kern – Michael recently committed to playing high school football at Lake Nona, where he will learn under Coach Paradiso, who has a proven history of developing Quarterbacks. Michael has extremely good footwork, when you put on his film. His timing is on point with all his routes, and he gets the ball out of his hand quickly, and to his playmakers, so they can do their jobs. He is extremely intelligent when it comes to managing the game.

Micah Bowens – Micah comes to the showcase from Las Vegas, Nevada, where he will attend Bishop Gorman, who was last year’s high school national champion. Their future continues to look promising with Micah taking over the reins in a few years. Micah is a pure athlete; he is fast, and elusive. He can also throw the football with ease; he makes every pass look effortless, while still maintaining the necessary zip to get the ball where it needs to be.

Total list of confirmed QBs in 2019 class:

CLASS OF 2019 State
1 Jake  Annand FL
2 Brendan Mehl TX
3 Lawrence Grimes FL
4 Andy Roberts FL
5 Deon Jones FL
6 Shane Steinlauf NY
7 Griffin Helm FL
8 Marco LoPesio AZ
9 Kyle Terry GA
10 Jalon Spencer MD
11 Curt Casteel FL
12 Nik Scalzo FL
13 Carson Collins TX
14 Sloan Henry TX
15 Peyton Brown IL
16 Gavin Gray GA
17 Hunter Martindale TX
18 Spencer Rattler AZ
19 Adam Cecere PA
20 Brian Mauer FL
21 Jayden Boero WI
22 Mike Kern FL
23 Bradyn Bytheway FL
24 Micah Bowens NV


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