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Coach Ziggy’s AYF National Rankings: Mid-Season

DIVISION ONE: Weighted & Unlimited Rankings 
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El Paso, TX– We’re nearly about halfway through the 2015 American Youth Football (AYF) season and things are really beginning to take shape.  Our resident rankings guru and Football Hotbed contributor, Coach Ziggy has once again complied his national rankings based on the feedback and his expertise.  Please be sure to comment below or reach out with feedback.  Here’s a complete list of Division 1 and  rankings for both weighted and All-American (Unlimited) divisions in AYF.  These rankings will be updated regularly so be sure to check back in regularly to see where your team stacks up.  And remember, if you don’t like where you are, just keep winning and watch your ranking climb.  If you have video to help improve our rankings and you want to submit YouTube, Hudl or Vimeo links, email us at info@footballhotbed.com or reach out to Coach Ziggy directly. It’s a Hotbed World!

Regions, and Leagues playing for a D1 National Titles



Midwest (SEMAYL)

Southwest(GHAYFC, SAAYF, NTX Dallas, ETAYF)

Desert Pacific (PAYF, TYFSF, HDYFC)

Mountain Northwest (NorCal)

Division 1 (weighted)
Jr Midget Top 25
1. Watkins (SMC/DC)
2. Montgomery Village (CBL/MD) 3-0
3. Desert Highland (PAYFC/AZ) 2-0
4. Blackhawk AC (PEAYF/PA) 2-0
5. Palo Alto (NorCal/CA) 3-0
6. Beacon House (Metro/DC) 4-0
7. Mesa Bobcats (PAYFC/AZ) 3-0
8. Barstow (HDYFC/CA) 2-0
9. Parkside (TMMD/MD) 4-0
10. Frankford Chargers (PEAYF/PA) 2-0
11. Pfafftown (PYFCL/NC) 4-0
12. Solano (NorCal/CA) 3-0
13. Mint Hill (GCAYF/NC) 3-0
14. Buffalo Wolverines (QCAYF/NY) 5-0
15. Barstow (HDYFC/CA) 2-0
16. SE Dallas Wolverines (NT Dallas/TX)
17. Snowline (HDYFC/CA) 3-0
18. Gilbert (PAYF/AZ) 3-0
19. Fox Rok (PEAYF/PA) 1-0
20. Phoenix Navy (PAYF/AZ) 3-0
21. Littlerock (HDYFC/CA) 3-0
22. Manassas (VAYFA/VA) 3-0-1
23. Vacaville Bengals (NorCal/CA) 2-1
24. WNY Steelers (QCAYF/NY) 4-1
25. Winston Salam Indian (PYFCL/NC) 3-1
Drop out:
9. Lawncrest (PEAYF/PA) 1-1
13. Sac Ducks (NorCal) 2-1
21. Oak Grove (NorCal/CA) 2-1
Lamond Riggs (CBL/DC) 2-1
Metro Bengal (Metro/MD) 2-1-1
Far Northeast (PEAYF/PA) 1-0
Avenue Bears (TMMD/MD) 3-1
South Fork (PYFCL/NC) 3-1
Sac Raiders (NorCal/CA) 2-1
Vallejo Jags (NorCal/CA) 2-1
Forestville (CBL/MD) 3-1
High Desert (HDYFC/CA) 2-1
West Valley Demons (PAYF/AZ) 2-1
Cave Creek (PAYF/AZ) 1-1
Charm City (TMMD/MD) 2-1-1


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  1. Solano cadets are 4-0

  2. When they go show 8u unlimited weight football some love ..AYF they work hard to

  3. AYF 10U

    Gainesville Rattlers 12
    Ormand Beach Pride 7

    5-0 Record

    • Gainseville Rattlers whole park undefeated ….2014 10u 2nd place team still undefeated….2014 se regional champs 8u undefeated..12u undefeated just beat 23rd ranked raw cardnail 33-18

  4. North Port Huskies MAYF is team to beat this year,,You have Sarasota listed in 14u MAYF,,,,there is no Sarasota team in MAYF,,,,no love for North Port,,we beat Ocoee correction,,we smashed Ocoee,and Marboro Maryland,,,last year,,,?Thats ok,,you will have us ranked after regionals,,,

  5. Don’t know where you get your info from,,,but you have teams on here that don’t exsist.

  6. HA HA I found us at #24,,My Bad! Except we are North Port!

  7. The Marana team that’s Ranked #6 in 14U is actually a 13U team. They are 4-0

  8. Just an FYI on the Lake Travis 11U Teams. The Lake Travis Team that went to regionals last year is actually Lake Travis M….Currently 4-0. Lake Travis W is 3-1.

  9. The Charles County Spartans 10U need to be ranked.
    please review current and last years stats below:


    Currently 5 – 0
    (105 points scored – 6 points allowed)

    – AYF 9U National Champions 14-0
    – AYF 9U Maryland State Champions
    – AYF 9U Southern Maryland AYF Conference Champions
    (Total 276 points scored – 12 points allowed all regular and post season)

  10. Week 4 the Bay Area Spartans beat the Vacaville Bengals 27-20

    Week 5 the Solano warriors beat the Bay Area Spartans 64 to 19 peewee

  11. Saints 13u is playing vs 14u for regular season and is 5-0. Well see y’all at Regionals. Good luck to all the teams.

  12. Coach Samaro San Hi IEJAAYFC

    Hello Coaches ?
    This is Coach Samaro from the Jr Midget Division 2 – 9th ranked San Hi IEJAAYFC Southern California – Just some past and present history on our team – 2014 we beat Division 2 …. #4 Ranked Shadow Hills in the semi finals and last Saturday we beat #14 ranked Analope Valley – We are currently 6 – 0 with one of the fastest tailbacks in the Nation – Good Luck Everyone Stay healthy!

  13. Coach Samaro San Hi IEJAAYFC

    Here are some highlights of our latest victory over #14th ranked Analope Valley IEJAAFC

    Watch “SAN HI SPARTANS vs Lopes 13U week 6 2015 score 42 – 18” on YouTube

  14. Updates 10U CVA HURRICANES
    #1 CVA HURRICANES-29 vs Spotys Cougars-6
    #2 CVA HURRICANES-45 vs Penninsula Eagles-0
    #3 CVA HURRICANES-43 vs Stafford Predators-0
    #4 CVA HURRICANES-12 vs Va Beach Vikings-7
    #5 CVA HURRICANES vs CV Elite(postponed)
    #6 CVA HURRICANES-32 vs Fredericksburg Canes-6

    Coach Wayne Jennings

  15. Gainesville Rattlers 10U

  16. Chair City Lions 11u appreciates the recognition for their hard work! They are now 6-0 with a BIG 44-18 victory against rival Leominster!
    Not sure how we got on your radar, but must say, you have good resources. Go Lions!

  17. Coach Samaro San Hi IEJAAYFC

    Does anyone know when updated rankings will be posted?

  18. AYF 10U

    Wk6 Gainesville Rattlers 20
    Williston Raiders 15

    Wk7 Gainesville Rattlers 52
    Ocala 0.


  19. Local regular season is over. When will new rankings be posted? Our team is 7-0 and ready to see where we rank for PeeWee. Lets go Kernersville Raiders!

  20. Solano warriors PEEWEES are coming!!!!.. Undefeated for 3 years cadet level JPW level and soon to be PW level… Ayf NorCal

  21. The Chair City Lions finished regular season 7-0. First round of Playoffs start 10-25…..Let’s go LION’S!

  22. CHAIR CITY LION’S GO TO 8-0. On to the second.round of the CMAYF PLAYOFFS! With a convincing 32-0 win vs Ayer/Shirley……

  23. That’s right regular season is over my solano PEEWEES 8-0 beating every team By at least 30pts…

  24. Kernersville Raiders Jr Midgets will be playing for PYFCL Division 2 title for the 2nd year in a row. Good luck to everyone out there! Hope to see you at Nationals!

  25. So since it looks like coach ziggy is on vacation I will go ahead and update the peewee rankings….
    #1 solano (NorCal/CA) 8-0
    As for the rest it don’t matter lol

  26. Pfafftown Packers are competing in the state championship and were 8-0 were ready to see the new rankings. Let’s Go Pafafftown Packers Jr Midget !!

  27. Gainesville Rattlers 10U


  28. My solano peewee (NorCal/CA) just beat the Vacaville bangles 48-0 to move on the the championship… It’s what we do

  29. Saints 13u just destroyed #3 ranked Ocoee Cardinals 27-0 at AYF South East Regional Championship. Regular season 6-2 vs 14u teams. And on to Nationals. Lets do it. See everyone at Nationals.

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