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Florida’s ‘Flo’ League Eyes West Coast Expansion

Corona, CA–The Florida Youth Football League headed by international recording artist, Flo Rida, is considering expanding to the West Coast.  Sources with knowledge spoke to Football Hotbed on the condition of anonymity because details of the expansion aren’t to be released until Friday.

A delegation of FYFL reps are heading to California on Thursday and an announcement is set for Friday if ‘all goes well.’

The expansion is desired for reasons that are two-fold. First, the FYFL or ‘Flo League’ as it would be called in Southern California, wants to increase their visibility nationally and become a national youth football brand.  It helps that league founder, Tramar Dillard, better known as Flo Rida, has residence in California and spends some time out West.  Secondly, the Snoop Youth Football League is considering expansion into South Florida.  The SYFL is currently operating in Southern California and also Texas and is looking to increase their national youth football brand.

While not explicitly said, one figures that the FYFL is looking to cut into the market of national youth football brands headed by pop recording artists.

The winners? The kids participating in either league.   Flo League teams will get big trophies for winning their leagues’ super bowls (BCS Replicas), blow up tunnels to run out onto the field with and other perks.  The SYFL teams in Texas and Southern California already participate in a national championship and select players participate in All-star games like the one that took place this past weekend in Scottsdale, AZ against the Phoenix All-star teams in AYF.  The SYFL also has a relationship with Addidas that produces great uniforms for select teams and players.

Meanwhile, the FYFL and their parent company IMG Strong Arm, have their own apparel line and are brilliant athletic gear designers.  See here:


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