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Atlanta Regional & Future 4 Competition To Have National Feel

Powder Springs, FL— Just a few days removed from the Atlanta Regional Combine and Future 4 Finals Qualifier, the registrations are still pouring in for the event.  They are coming from all over the country, as far as Arizona.  Football Hotbed will host eight regional combines throughout every region in the country this year (For a Full List Click Here).  With two already completed in Orange, CA and Port St. Lucie, FL, the Atlanta Regional at McEachern High in Powder Springs is the next stop on our journey across the country to name as many Middle School All-American Athletes, in person.

With over a dozen youth All-American games being played nation wide this past year, Football Hotbed is looking to distinguish itself as the very best.  Our national Middle School Quarterback Invitational garners the nation’s best QB prospects in grades 6th, 7th and 8th.   This ensures that we start out with a great base of talent at the games’ most important position for our All-American game.  Our National Middle School Lineman Challenge (the nation’s only showcase event for just lineman) is aimed at providing additional exposure for middle school lineman and also creating the best All-American game talent for our annual Middle School All-American game.

Our coveted Golden Ticket award is the recognition athletes receive to confirm their invitation our Middle School All-American game.

This weekend’s Atlanta Regional Combine and Future 4 competition should produce several more All-Americans and also some invites to our National Middle School Invitational Showcase (The Middle School Opening) in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on April 28-29th.  Here’s a look at some of the competition heading to Powder Springs, GA this weekend:

Quarterbacks (Invite ONLY):

Class of 2020

Jaxon Ingram (Oklahoma) – Built like an ox, Jaxon is very strong. He throws the ball with great “pop”; the ball really fly’s off his hands. He excels in throwing the ball to the outside and down the field. He has great pocket presence and awareness; moving around with precision, and extending the play.

Jaylin Willis (Georgia) – Wise beyond his years, Jaylin is a smart player who doesn’t force the ball. He has the ability to show the fake well, allowing him to buy more time to hit the open receiver. These fakes also allow him to make plays with his feet.

JW Hertzberg (South Carolina) – Originally from Florida, but now living in South Carolina, JW was a 2020 invitee to the 2015 National Middle School QB showcase. JW has great ouch, and throws the ball down the field well, we are excited to see how he has improved in the last year.

Tyler Cherry (South Carolina) – From South Carolina, Tyler Cherry is very smooth with his mechanics and footwork. He has great footwork, and knows how to get the ball out of his hand quickly and accurately. He has great arm strength and can deliver the ball down the field with ease.

Enrique Crespo (Florida) – Enrique is a n extremely tough runner who will not go down after the first contact. He wills his team to victory. He has a strong arm and delivers the ball where it needs to go. If they play breaks down, Enrique can make a play with his legs.

Class of 2021

Dreyden Norwood (Arkansas)– A dual-threat option from Arkansas, Dreyden has the ability to take the ball to the house every time he touches it. He is elusive and has great breakaway speed when he gets to the open field. Dreyden isn’t all speed, he is strong, and breaks many tackles.

Azikwe Mays (Mississippi)– Known as Voltron, Azikwe is a rangy athlete that stands out from his competition. He has excellent speed and agility, and breaks away from his defenders. He throws the deep ball well, and puts the his passes in places where his wide receivers can make plays.

Kole Burton (Florida) – From central Florida, Kole is an awesome leader. He brings out the best of his teammate through his actions. Kole is fundamentally and mechanically sound, this allows him to throw the ball extremely well on the tough throws down the field and to the outside.

Kody Morell (Florida)– One of the hardest working kids in this competition, Kody is a NGYS and Diamond All-American. Kody has good arm strength and is very accurate. The thing that can separate Kody is his mental strength. He is smart, and knows where the ball needs to be for optimal success.

Canaan Mobley (Florida) – Canaan can beat you with his legs and his arm. The thing that jumps out at you when you watch Canaan’s film is how fast the ball fly’s of his hands and gets out to his receivers. Canaan also has great footwork and can take a snap from under center and shotgun, a rare trait these days.

Kyle Kingsbury (Georgia) – Kyle has some great feet and footwork. He throws the ball well to the outside and his ball placement is excellent. He knows where the ball needs to be and does a great job of leading his wide receivers to the outside where they can get the ball away from the defenders.

Terian Williams II (Georgia)–Terian does a great job moving around the pocket, and escaping it when it is appropriate to do so. He seems to have the ability to get rid of the ball in a timely manner, and has a very strong arm to boot.

Skill Players:

Class of 2020

Damian Ortiz (Arizona) – A talented ATH who played in the Pop Warner League out west can do it all.  He’s go 4.8 speed and is a vicious ball carrier.  He’s looking to develop into a national name so he’s coming out to Atlanta to get on the radar with Football Hotbed hoping to earn an invite to the National Middle School Invitational.

Drew Phillips, the Head Quarterback Coach and co-founder of the Future 4, contributed to this report.

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