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National Middle School Specialist Showcase: Day 1 Recap

Ft. Lauderdale, FL-– The exciting competition of some of the nation’s best Middle School Specialist is underway at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic.  Beginning today, several middle school athletes came out to show why they should be considered among the best and to earn golden ticket invites to Football Hotbed’s Middle School All-American game.

There were two returning All-Americans in both the 8th grade and 7th grade competitions.  First, Carter Davis, who has been an All-American selection in each of his first two Middle School seasons is in the competition along with 7th grader Will Bettridge who earned All-American honors last season in 6th grade.

The day begin with stretching and warm ups but then moved into competition. First, the kickoff ability for each player was tested with distances and hang times.  Next, the first field goal eliminator round put the leg and accuracy of these specialist to the test. Before the day was cut short due to lightening, the showcase attendees were engaged in the accuracy part of the competition.

National Middle School Specialist Showcase: Accuracy Competition. #hotbedworld

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Day two begins tomorrow at 9 a.m. and will determine who the best kickers are in each grade level.  Each participant received a film review of their performance on the field during day one which included a portion at the end for media training for each athlete.  The showcase is a full scale measure of each student’s ability to play the position and measures their poise, speed and ability to play beyond high school.  Even at such a young age.  Here are the results from day one.



NAME Kickoff #1 Kickoff #2 Kickoff # 3 FG Eliminator Kicks 40 Time 40 Time Accuracy-10 yds Accuracy-5 yds Accuracy-Neg 5 yards
6th Grade | 2023
SILVERSTEIN, Christian 1.66 | 26 yard line 2.53 | 30 yard line 2.7 | 35 yard line Out at 35 yards 6.4 6.2 L-yes L-yes L-yes
7th Grade | 2022
HART, Ryan 2.0 | 30 yard line 2.68 | 28 yard line 2.25 | 27 yard line Out at 34 yards 5.84 5.65 L-yes L-yes
ECKLEY, Ryan 1.60 | 29 yard line 2.59 | 15 yard line 2.66 | 19 yard line Out at 34 yards 6.12 6.19 L-yes L-yes
BETTRIDGE, Will 2.25 | 26 yard line 2.78 | 29 yard line 2.30 | 22 yard line Out at 41 yards 6.2 6.06 L-yes L-yes
8th Grade | 2021
BORREGALES, Andres 3.09 | 20 yard line 2.75 | 17 yard line 2.60 | 20 yard line Out at 40 yards 5.72 5.72 L-yes L-yes
DAVIS, Carter 2.09 | 20 yard line 2.94 | 17 yard line 2.80 | 28 yard line Out at 40 yards 6.31 6.5 L-yes L-yes






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