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Bald Predictions – High School Football Week Two

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Right out of the gate, we learned a lot about certain teams around South Florida. When I think about about week one – and to a certain extent, week two also – I recall Mike Tyson’s famous quote: “everyone has a plan until they get hit in the mouth”.

Everyone thought they had a plan for how the season was going to go until it was time to line up against a team in different colored uniforms.

As far as my predictions go, I had a decent showing in week one. It was a bit of a feeling out process and I am expecting to have a better showing this week.

This week is another loaded slate with another handful of matchups between elite level, powerhouse teams. This is a week where we see who actually went back and watched film from week one – whether they won or not – and took the time to correct any flaws and shore up the things that they did well.

Week two is also still a time where you want to see good habits being formed. Doing the little things right during this of year makes it a lot easier when its time to do big things later on.

Just a reminder, the team rankings will hold until the fourth week of the season. Even if a team has lost games, the original ranking will hold until the beginning of week five – when Football Hotbed will release BCS-style rankings.

Record last week: 41-8 (.836 Correct Pick Percentage)

50 games picked this week with three games in the Bald Predictions spotlight.

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