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Miami Palmetto running back Trey Flowers. (Source: Chuck Bethel Jr.)

Bald Predictions – High School Football Week Five

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The events of the past couple of weeks really put a lot of things into perspective – for me at least.

Hurricane Irma pretty much shook up the entire state of Florida. From the Florida Keys, which received the worst of the storm by far, all the way to Jacksonville and the Panhandle – got affected by the storm.

In the aftermath of the storm, we here in South Florida had to deal with a lot of fallen trees and debris and some minor structural damage and flooding – but the big thing was mass power outages.

The combination of those things led to use “losing” two weeks of high school football. And I know a lot of folks were clamoring for football to return and the teams were chomping at the bit to get back on the field – the most important thing was restoring power to homes, businesses, and roadways so that we all can resume our normal everyday lives.

We will have football back this week.

The schedule (which you can see here) has been amended – a lot – to accommodate all the teams that are trying to play games. And it’s my understanding that the schedule will continue to feel the effects of the storm in the coming weeks as teams try to squeeze in make-up games from weeks three and four.

Because there was a 12-day stoppage, every team has to pretty much start from scratch. There were no practices, no workouts, no meetings, no film sessions – so coaches have to spend time taking inventory of where their team is mentally and physically and basically treat this week as a mini-training camp.

Get back to basics, go over your “bread and butter” stuff, get guys back in playing shape, and really rely on natural football instincts to take over because so much teaching time was lost.

Don’t be surprised if we see a lot of low-scoring or close games because teams are rusty.

Record from week two: 42-6
Season record: 83-14 (.855 Correct Pick Percentage)

39 games picked this week with two games in the Bald Predictions Spotlight

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