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St. Thomas Aquinas defensive backs Jaden Davis (25) and Asante Samuel (13). (Source: Chuck Bethel Jr.)

Bald Predictions – High School Football Week Six

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We’re all pretty much back to normal now. And thank God for that.

Teams have been doing everything they possibly can to get their schedules back on track, too. A handful of teams squeezed in makeup games this past Monday and it is my understanding that other teams will continue that trend on the coming Monday (Oct. 2) so that they’ll be as caught up as possible.

Hurricane and makeup games aside, we’ve surpassed the one-third mark of the season.

For a lot of teams – whether they want to believe it or not – there are only roughly five more weeks left in your 2017 season. For a handful of lucky teams, there’s about six to eight weeks of meaningful football left in your year. And for a select few – the “big boys” – as many as 10 weeks remain, if they handle their business every week from now on.

It’s time to be about the business of winning.

District play opens for many of the teams in South Florida this week and these games have become even more pivotal than they have been in the past. Because of the new playoff point system, only the district champion will be guaranteed a spot on the bracket.

I know the point system continues to be a bit of a conundrum to folks – and I will break it down in a special podcast in the coming weeks – but my advice to everyone at this point remains very simple: “win your games and you don’t have to worry about the points”.

From here on out:

Record last week: 37-5
Season record: 120-19 (.863 Correct Pick Percentage)

37 games picked this week with three games in the Bald Predictions spotlight

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