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Bald Predictions – High School Football Week Nine

After this week, only two more weeks will remain folks.

Two more weeks of the regular season and we’ll be talking about the playoff point system – and I’m pretty sure the list of people that “hate it” will be a lot longer than the one of those who “love it”.

Just a feeling.

Still, this week holds a lot of weight because it is one of the last weeks that teams will play district games. I’ve said from the beginning of the season that these district games will have a brand new weight to them because of their looming implications – a guaranteed spot (and guaranteed top-four seed) for the district champion.

I know a lot of folks are getting caught up in the weekly release of the FHSAA projected point rankings, but I implore everyone to remember that nothing is official until the last regular season game is played.

What I like most about this point in the season is that we get to really see who is for real. You can’t fake it or go through the motions now. You either have the juice or you don’t.

This week’s slate of games lends itself to that feeling because it could end up being a bit of a “knockout week”, in that losing this week – whether it is district or non-district – will all but cement a handful of team’s (Booker T.) fate of not making the postseason.

Also, even though it’s a different sport – I want to send get well prayers and wishes to Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward after the gruesome injury he suffered on the opening night of the NBA season.

You never want to see anything like that happen to an athlete – or anyone – that has worked so hard to achieve their dream.

And as it always is, it’s my prayer that everyone in South Florida has a safe, injury-free weekend of football.

Record last week: 36-8
Season record: 222-39 (.850 Correct Pick Percentage)

46 games picked this week with three games in the Bald Predictions spotlight

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