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Future 4: National Middle School Invitational Showcase Roster

Ft. Lauderdale, FL— The National QB Invitational is underway.  There are 63 athletes from 19 states that have come to South Florida to compete to see who the absolute best is in competition at their grade level.  All these Jr. High QBs will be tested in the class room (scheme), in combine workouts and in field throwing drills.  The goal?  To crown one winner in each grade and three runner up finalist as the ‘Future 4’.  The next generation of quarterbacks.  Here’s a complete roster of the field with combine numbers and here’s the head shots for each participant.

Combine # CLASS OF 2019 State
129 Jake   Annand FL
112 Brendan Mehl TX
108 Lawrence Grimes FL
116 Andy Roberts FL
105 Deon Jones FL
114 Shane Steinlauf NY
103 Griffin Helm FL
126 Marco LoPesio AZ
124 Kyle Terry GA
123 Jalon Spencer MD
130 Curt Casteel FL
125 Nik Scalzo FL
120 Carson Collins TX
127 Sloan Henry TX
119 Peyton Brown IL
121 Gavin Gray GA
111 Hunter Martindale TX
110 Spencer Rattler AZ
132 Adam Cecere PA
107 Brian Mauer FL
117 Jayden Boero WI
109 Mike Kern FL
104 Bradyn Bytheway FL
115 Micah Bowens NV
122 Preston Colbert OK
131 Ryan Zanelli CA
106 Rene Nunez NJ
128 Daelen Manard FL
118 Daniel Richarson FL
102 Gino English FL
101 TJ Smith FL
113 Gaven Williams GA

7th grade

Combine # CLASS OF 2020 State
#209 Jake Spencer FL
#215 Bill Vega FL
#213 Collin Gugginhiem LA
#210 JW Hertzberg SC
#217 Dylan Jerden TX
#208 Walker Harris NC
#211 Silas Schoel FL
#212 Dalton Ponder KY
#205 Khalil Ali CA
#216 Ryan Buldoc FL
#204 Dallas Odom SC
#218 Tucker Gleason FL
#201 Mikey Moss FL
#206 Cade Knighton OR
#203 Evan Spry CA
#202 Edwin Rhodes FL
#207 Blairr Garner SC

6th grade

Combine# CLASS OF 2021 State
#308 Jayson Gillom FL
#312 Gage Grant CA
#309 Nick Viattiato FL
#304 Pete Zamora FL
#305 Rohan Brown FL
#303 Chayden Perry CA
#315 Lance Alderson FL
#310 Alex Law FL
#307 Bryce Norton FL
#306 Camarion Allen FL
#302 Keegan Kaushagen FL
#311 Jackson Allen MS
#313 Antonio Johnson FL
#314 Joey McCann FL

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  1. Vincent Colbert

    Overall, great experience. The camp was ran efficiently. There could have been improvements, but no change would have changed the showcase for better or worse. It was great to see the level of competition from around the country compete. We are very glad we attended and can’t wait to see how everyone excels on their journey. Congratulations to all QB’s that were in attendance. Hopefully the competition continues in into highschool and college and possibly further. I seen some very good talent that I will be following from here on. Our take from this, work, work, and when you are through working work some more. Thanks for putting this on!!

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  3. Check at that kid Geoffrey mckelton jr he is the real deal.

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