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Youth: Ft. Lauderdale Hurricanes best Snoop Dog’s DV Steelers 67-0

Pembroke Pines, FL– For the second year in a row, hip hop artist and mogul Snoop Dogg brought his team to South Florida in an effort to play the best and gain a better national ranking for his teams.  And for the second consecutive year, they leave the area without a victory, this time they also left scoreless.  The final score was a 67-0 blowout as the Ft. Lauderdale Hurricanes washed away Snoop’s Pomona, California based Diamond Valley Steelers.


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Head coach Chris McGonigal led his Ft. Lauderdale team to consecutive blowout victories this season against national opponents. Earlier this season, they put up over 30 points against a team from Texas that hadn’t lost a game in three years.  Last night was no different.  The Hurricanes were too much from the word ‘go.’

The halftime score of 47-0 was so unbalanced that the game seemed over as the Hurricane players posed for pictures, chatted with teammates and visited parents in the stands.  After play resumed, they polished off another impressive victory.

Chris McGonigal

Chris McGonigal, Head Coach

Led by quarterback Footall Hotbed All-American Nick Vattiato of Cooper City, Florida, a two time National Middle School Invitational QB finalist and 2015 overall MVP.  Vattiato hit on every pass and found Vinson Davis, Robert Floyd, Jr. and Jaden McBurrows early and often.

McBurrows returned an electrifying punt to close the half displaying his world class speed.  He’s a consistent top 3 finisher in the AAU Junior Olympics each year.  Davis scored twice through the air connecting with Vattiato and displaying a his tremendous swag by diving backwards into the end zone in the third quarter ala Marshawn Lynch.  

The kicking game was solid for the Hurricanes but the best part about the team was the trenches.  Laurence ‘Big Baby’ Seymore, II., Tyriq Owens and Tyreak Sapp were a part of the rotation that made life hectic for Diamond Valley all evening long.  The line play, in essence, was the difference in the game.Canes vs. Diamond Valley 1

Add the outstanding running from Hotbed All-American Amari Daniels (who also earned National Middle School Invitational MVP honors) the solid play from Thierry DorVillur at the linebacker position and you have a game that was basically over before it started.  With a 20 point first quarter, the Hurricanes of the Florida Youth Football League based in Miami, FL, put the country on notice.  They are for real.



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