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Bald Predictions – High School Football Week One

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Welcome back, everybody.

Most everyone should have a pretty good idea of what has gone done over the past two months.

But, for anyone who is still uninitiated, I’ll say this: it’s a #HotbedWorld.

Football Hotbed is now the home of The Bald Predictions as well as The Baldcast, which will be relaunching soon, and you all have already been able to enjoy the highlight videos that Hotbed now features.

All the great features that fans are accustomed to enjoying can now be found on FootballHotbed.com.

I hope that everyone enjoyed the Bald Predictions: District Previews – which you can binge read here – but it’s time for real football.

All the talking, all the tweeting, all the grinding, all the weight lifting, all the 7-on-7-ing, all that verbal check writing is over and it’s time to see who really has put the work in and who is going to get “NSF” – insufficient funds – when it comes down to winning time.

On the surface, the 2017 season looks like it has the potential to be one of the most interesting in a long time.

The reason?

The new FHSAA playoff point system.

There still are a lot of misnomers floating around out there about the system and how it works and how it will affect the “big school” (Class 8A-5A) teams and the “small school” (Class 4A-1A) teams. But we’ll go over that during an upcoming episode of The Baldcast.

Right out of the gate, we will be treated with a loaded slate of marquee games between powerhouse teams. Predicting these early showdowns between big name programs is great for the fans, but it’s rough on this predictor.

Unfortunately, the weather is forecasted to be a factor this weekend. Rain and thunderstorms are said to be a virtual certainty over the next four days, so that will influence the outcomes of a lot of these games.

Aside from being able to play in the rain and on a wet field, the teams that will earn victories week one will be the squads that can hone in and focus on the task at hand.

Now is the time that teams should be creating “good habits” – even something as small as knowing when to fair catch a punt so the ball doesn’t roll and the offense loses yards on the starting point of the drive.

Can’t get caught up in the hype and can’t say “it’s just week one”, every game counts.

Don’t get an #NSF

2016 regular season record: 432-102 (.808 Correct Pick Percentage)

49 games picked this week with three games in the Bald Predictions Spotlight.

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