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Plantation American Heritage defensive end Andrew Chatfield. (Source: J.T. Wilcox)

Bald Predictions – High School Football Week Seven

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Things are starting to get real.

Reality is beginning to set in – especially with the FHSAA releasing its first playoff point system averages. Bear in mind, those numbers and seedings are just projections. There’s still roughly another month left in the regular season and a lot can change between now and the first week of November.

We’re now in the heart of district play. And I maintain, if you want to take all the guesswork out of who’s going to make the playoffs – win your district. Become a district champion and you know – without a doubt – that you’ll be on the bracket. You’ll even host a first-round game.

Just win.

I had a solid outing this past week. I lost a handful of games, but it seems like one game in particular stood out. This one team took great exception to the fact that I picked them to lose. So much so, that their PA announcer even got in on the action as the final seconds of the game ticked off the clock.

Yep, I got that one wrong. But remember, I am right nearly 82 percent of the time in my career – just keep that in mind.

Looking at the slate of games this week, it’s almost like we’re getting a breather from all of the high-stakes, fast-paced action that went on over the weekend and the first two days of this week (Oct. 2nd & 3rd).

A fair share of teams are on bye this weekend, but this could end up being a week that we look back on and call it a “swing week” – in the sense that this is the weekend that either propelled or sank certain teams.

Record last week: 34-6
Season record: 154-25 (.860 Correct Pick Percentage)

38 games picked this week with three games in the Bald Predictions Spotlight

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